Sushi Kokoro is one of the leading sushi restaurants for picking up food in Barcelona, Spain. They have been operating since 2014 and a good reputation.

In summer 2017 they approached Eurocios to see if we could work on several challenges they were facing. Firstly, they wanted to do more volume. They have higher and higher fixed costs of their business and they needed to keep growing. ‘Rents and costs for personnel keep rising and my margins are under pressure.’ says Lucy Chu, the executive at the restaurant. ‘We tested several online outlets but they do not have the volume we were looking for.’

Starting with the PLUS-package of Eurocios, they saw immediate effect. ‘I remember 2 days after we started, we had more people in our restaurant on a weekday than on a regular Friday night’, she says. Being able to unlock their best offer to 1.000.000 customers of Eurocios’ apps was key.

Then, 2 months into the program, she decided to discover the PRO-solution with in-store upsell. ‘By now, we knew we could handle the volume so I wanted to increase my margins. Eurocios offered me the option to push an upsell to the customers in my restaurant. When they enter, they get an SMS and a push message on their phones with an offer for 2-for-price-of-1 dessert cakes’, explains Lucy.

The key: 13% of customers decide to buy the dessert cakes 

Lucy concludes: ‘The fact that a platform opens their full customer base up to sell our product and then helps with the conversion offline, is groundbreaking. We worked with online marketing agencies to sell more online and worked with offline ‘experts’ to improve the store. But a combined omnichannel approach as Eurocios offers is a game-changer for my business and for many others businesses’.

Sushi Kokoro used the PRO-package including solutions 1,2 & 3

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