Our in-store engagement method provides consumers with real-time offers, rewards & games to boost cross-sales and revenues

We move people from online to offline. Our solution sends people your business so you can have that personal connexion with them. Our app Subasta de Ocio tells people to pick up certain products in your business and when they enter into your store give them a personalized treatment. We engage customers in-store through gamification techniques to increase the probability of an upsell and/or return visits. 

Amongst all our partners, we see that on average 13% of customers add extra products to the checkout in store. 

Our personalized treatment in the store activates people, makes them aware of the situation and prompts them with a unique and personal offer. An offer that is too good to refuse. We work with phycologists, behavioral marketers & data scientists and worked out a system that increases the chances of an upsell.

This solution is part of our PRO-package:

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Ok but I want customers to come
back to my store more often.
What is solution 4?