Our benefits & rewards program will drive the best customers back to your store hereby increasing brand engagement, lifetime value and word-or-mouth marketing


Gamifying commerce, where customers have to make repeat visits to win rewards, helps to “lock” customers into particular businesses. We offer the whole experience so you do not have to acquire the customers, nor bring them to your store, nor invent point- or reward systems. 

Our apps and systems are complete with points, levels, challenges, leaderboards and other gamification techniques to keep customers engaged and draw them back to your location again and again.

Integration with an existing rewards program is no problem as we have stable, full list of connections with several other systems. Possibilities in connecting POS systems, inventory, hardware or scanners is also an option. We believe that the more immersive the in-store engagement is, the happier the customers will be.

This is the key to our full EXPERT-package. 

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Ok but what about prices?